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New Drivers

P Plates and L Plates are both types of sign designed to be put on new drivers vehicle. One is mandatory and one is not, but both are a good idea. When young drivers get their provisional licence and are learning how to drive they must display an L plate on their vehicle in order to drive on the UK roads. When they pass their driving test and are able to drive on their own they can only then remove the L Plate. They are given the opportunity to display a green P plate on their vehicle once they pass their test, but they do not have to if they do not wish to.

What is a P Plate?

They consist of a green P on a small sign that attaches to the car that tells other drivers that you are a new driver. Other drivers will therefore be aware that you may be a little slower or make a few mistakes since you are new to driving and they can give you more leeway. They ought to be more understanding of any error or mistakes because they are made aware of your situation. Other drivers will know to be a little more cautious around you since you are still learning the ways of the road. It takes several months for a driver to really know what they are doing on the road and giving a sign to other drivers during this period can be very useful.

When is a P Plate Useful?

P Plates are extremely useful to have when you are in an area you are not familiar with. If you do not know the roads well you are more likely to need the patience of the other drivers on the road. When you are displaying your green P signs they will know to be patient with you. Another place the signs will come in handy is on the motorway because this is another place you need other drivers to be patient with you. Driving on a motorway can be very stressful so if you know other drivers are aware you are new to driving it may reduce some of the stress you feel.

Should P Plates be Optional?

Many young drivers don't like using the P Plate because it reminds them of the L plate that they were so happy to be rid of. The thing of it is the P Plate gives young drivers a better chance of becoming a safe and serious driver. With the help of other drivers helping you by watching out for you will help prevent accidents and other mishaps. drivers make up only 7% of the drivers in the UK but they cause 12% of the accidents. Those are not good statistics. Having a P Plate on your car for the first few months of you driving alone would bring those numbers down. Maybe it would not hurt if they were mandatory just for the first few months of your driving alone. You, the young driver, would benefit the most.